Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cirque: Fleur est Belle & Serum No. 5: Mint To Be

I promise, last post for today, and then I shall disappear. I'll keep this review short! :D

I received my Serum No.5 and Cirque order from two days ago!

Serum No. 5's Mint To Be (left) is a stunning mint shimmer polish with green microglitters and silver haxagonal glitters.
Cirque's Fleur est Belle (right), a collaboration shade with MeiMeiSignatures, is a mandarin pink tinted jelly base with gold round/square/hexagonal glitters, and white hexagonal glitters.

Serum No. 5 "Mint To Be"

First up, here's 1 coat of Serum No. 5's Mint To Be over OPI's "Mermaid Tears". Amazing application, no fishing required. I love the subtle green shimmer peeking out when there's light. I only wish it to be a tad more mintier! I don't know why but I didn't like the look of this polish worn on its own and so I chose to layer it over Mermaid Tears! Other than that, easily one of my go to glitter toppers (since I have a ton of mint polishes!)

Cirque's "Fleur est Belle"

Here's 3 coats of Fleur est Belle on its own. YES. On its own. And I'm happy to say FINALLY, a polish that works wonders and amazeballs on its own! Super deep polish and perfect for Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day! Application was flawless and no fishing was required. The glitters in the bottle looked as though they've shifted to one side though. Hopefully that wouldn't affect future use of this gorgeous polish. I say, a must-have.

And to top it all off, my sixth sense told me that this would look awesome as a gradient nail and so, here's a super duper easy nail art for all gradient lovers out there! No sponging required!

I used OPI's "Italian Love Affair" as a base and then I just lightly dabbed on Fleur est Belle from the mid to the top of the nail. Finish it off with your favourite top coat! I totally love love love this combination! It looks so effortless and professional!

Serum No. 5 is available at and on their official Etsy page: click
Cirque's "Fleur est Belle" is a collaboration between Cirque and Meimeisignatures. It is an exclusive shade retailing at SGD 17 at only from January 2013 to June 2013. International shipping (except Italy) provided.

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Meghan said...

Hey! Congrats on the new blog, it looks great! I love your header especially. My only suggestion is maybe a blog archive on the side bar, something where you can look up past posts. Just thinking ahead to when you have more on your blog. :)

These polishes are absolutely gorgeous and I love your swatches, especially the gradient. I have Fleur est Belle and love it, but now I want the Serum No. 5. Oh, my poor wish list!

Meghan said...

Oh, and second suggestion (just a suggestion!). Remove the word verification feature, which makes everyone do that captcha thingy when they post. You can still moderate comments if you are worried about spam. But I find I'm less willing to post if I have to go through that extra step. :)

Annabel Lee. said...

HI MEGHAN! Ah thank you so much for your constructive feedback and compliments!
I've removed that word verification thingy! Didn't even know it existed!

Yes I saw your swatch of Fleur est Belle on your blog, ig and Mei's ig hahaha loved it (convinced me to get it!) and Serum No. 5 is so droolworthy!

Once again thank you for your suggestions!!! <3 <3