Friday, January 25, 2013

Glam Paint Lacquer: Milkshake and Barbie Jeep

Hey lovelies! Yes I'm aware that this is my 2nd post for today but I just wanted to clear the list of things to put up here before moving on to more stuff! Okay so the title speaks for itself, I'll be doing my first full review! I've originally done a short (by short I mean really short) review on Glam Paint Lacquer but I figured I'm not doing it enough justice! Enough typing, and let's get down to business.

So a few weeks ago, I received these two polishes from Ashley (owner) of Glam Paint Lacquer from the US.
From left to right: Barbie Jeep and Milkshake.

I hope the pictures are huge enough to let you see the glittery goodness encapsulated in these bottles.

Barbie Jeep (left) is a light pink based semi creme/jelly packed with silver holographic, pink, blue hexagonal glitters and pink and blue tiny round glitters.
Milkshake (right) is a white based creme filled with purple, blue and pink hexagonal glitters interspersed with micro purple, pink and blue round glitters.

Here's Milkshake in your face ;) 

YUMMY, right? I applied 2 coats of Milkshake over OPI's "My Boyfriend Scales Walls" topcoated with Essence's XXXL Shine and I instantly fell in love with it. 

First, I love how the three color glitters (pink, purple and blue) go so well together. This seriously reminded me of cookies and cream ice cream blended with rainbow sprinkles. 

Second, I love how milky this polish looks without having too much glitter overpowering the whole manicure. You know how some polishes just have wayyyy too much glitter in it and when you apply it, you unconsciously go "gloob gloob gloob" because it's just too thick and too packed with glitter? I am happy to say that Milkshake is exactly what I think is the perfect formula for milky polishes without all the "gloobgloobgloob" (LOL).  I think this concoction fits the name Milkshake really well! 

Third, this polish has depth. When I say "depth", I mean how it looks sophisticated but really simple to achieve. I appreciate the fact that you can see certain glitters peeking out from the white base (see the ring finger). It gives the manicure a more detailed feel. 

Last (but not least), there is no fishing required for this glitter goodness. Application was seamless! Milkshake is a definite keeper.

When I first found out about Glam Paint Lacquer, it was Barbie Jeep that caught my attention right away and I can describe the effect this polish gave me: WOWZERS IN YOUR FACE!

I applied 2 coats of Barbie Jeep over OPI's "Pink Friday" topcoated with Essence's XXXL Shine. There's definitely a fun factor in this concoction!

Again, I love how the colors of the glitters goes so well together. There's certainly the "Barbie" factor in this (pink and blue goodness). I only wish that my toy car was this pretty (hey now don't judge! I used to like Barbie (and her long blonde hair which I will conscientiously brush almost everyday WHEN I WAS A LITTLE GIRL)). In fact, if my mum's car was this pretty, I'll definitely drive it everyday, especially with all the holographic glitters because there's just way too much sun here.

Speaking of holographic glitters, look at my ring finger nail! That is glitter holographic-ness at its finest! And the depth is just amazing. The only con about this particular polish is that some of the hexagonal glitters had to be fished out, especially the holographic ones. However, fishing is easy for this. 

Other than that, the application for Barbie Jeep is smooth and easy! I think this will go well with most pink bases! Barbie Jeep itself is kind of sheer so I layered it over a pink creme base. I think this will be a great addition to anyone's collection, especially with Valentine's Day round the corner ;)

Overall, both Barbie Jeep and Milkshake are exceptional! I've raved about them on Instagram and I'll rave about them here right now! Just a small tip: I like layering polishes, especially indie polishes (I have no idea why, maybe because I haven't found that one indie polish that can achieve full and perfect coverage in just 2 coats), over creme polishes. I find that you get to save these handmade concoctions, and you can get so much variation and looks just by switching up your base! 

To get your hands on these, head to I think both Barbie Jeep and Milkshake are currently sold out though :( But fret not, Glam Paint Lacquer has already come out with three new concoctions and they already look so gorgeous in the photos of the bottle! International shipping is at the moment unavailable. Be sure to check out Glam Paint Lacquer at her Instagram page @glampaintlacquer for updates on availability!

Note: Barbie Jeep and Milkshake  were both  sent to me for  review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

love, forever and always,

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