Friday, February 8, 2013

Beauty So Fly + Mint Polish + A long time lemming fulfilled!

Hello loves! So it's Chinese New Year Eve tomorrow and I'm kinda meh about it. Life has been.. getting personally and emotionally draining but I shall not bore you guys with that! Anyway, today I'm gonna share with you guys a brand called Mint Polish that I recently received from Grace of BeautySoFly. Before I get into the swatches, allow me to introduce BeautySoFly to you guys!

Beauty So Fly is a new e-retailer based in Singapore. Founded by Grace, BSF carries brands such as OPI, Essie, China Glaze, Seche and they also retail a brand called Mint Polish! It's kinda cool because I believe she's the sole retailer of Mint Polish in Singapore. Currently, only local shipping is available but fret not! Grace says she's working on international shipping! :)

So Grace was so sweet to send me two Mint Polishes to try out and and and! A bottle of OPI's "Fly" :O *dies*

A box of Hello Panda (yay!)
Mint Polish's "Ribbon Dancer"
Mint Polish's "Original Mint"
OPI "Fly"

Original Mint is a cool mint seafoam-like green. I love the color but I think the formula can be improved for this. It glides on really well but soon after, it got quite thick. But, I do think this is one of the prettiest mint colors I own. I'll do a post on all the mint colors I have in the near future! :) Besides the formula, I am loving everything else about this polish. This was 2 coats.

Ribbon Dancer is a magenta-purple microshimmer jelly and I FREAKING LOVE THIS. This was done without any undies and it was just 3 thin coats! I love the polished effect it gives afterwards! I have a super strong feeling this will go so well with purple undies to create a subtle purple gradient. The formula was effortless for this and it glided on so well. I definitely recommend this gorgeous shade.

Here's a macro shot! :)

And to satiate part of my lemming list, Grace has so graciously (hahaha!) sent me a bottle of OPI's Fly! Thank you soooooo much love! I can't believe this baby was actually on my fingernails!

Overall, I really like Mint Polish and the packaging (kinda reminds me of the American Apparel bottle in some way). I wish I could try more (and I think I will)! It's definitely worth checking out Mint Polish! BeautySoFly is selling Mint Polish at SGD13 each. Do check out and follow her instagram @beautysofly for more beautiful swatches and updates!

What do you guys think about Mint Polish's colors (and OPI's Fly)? Would you get them? 
Haha alright time for me to watch Vampire Diaries now! Talk to you guys soon! :)

Note: Polishes mentioned in this post were sent to me for  review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

thank you for reading! Love,


Journails said...

Oh WOW ! Ribbon Dancer is sooo gorgeous !

Annabel Lee. said...

YES it is! I can't agree more!