Friday, February 1, 2013

Start of February + Cut-out Heart Tutorial!

I'm finally blogging on my computer again! The house wifi has been down lately so I could only blog via my phone and I didn't like doing that! Anyway, it's finally February! Month of the Chinese New Year (with tons of pineapple tarts) and not forgetting Valentine's Day (I'm still single ahem) HAHA! Anyway, I wanna start this post by showing you one of my ultra fangirl moments!

YES THE AMAZING @KAITLINFERLAND AKA THEDAILYPOLISH.COM STARTED FOLLOWING ME ON INSTAGRAM! Huge feat for me because I started doing nail art right after I got so inspired by her works. Seriously you gotta check her blog and instagram out, you won't regret it!

And with the month of February there is definitely californails's "The Totally Doable 'I have a life!' Challenge"! I did the January one and did a wrap-up of it (it's on my instagram). 

And I've already started on the 1st of February one! And it is the cut-out heart mani that I posted a few days ago, and so today, I AM PRESENTING TO YOU THE TUTORIAL!

What you'll need (these are the products I used):

A good base coat - I used OPI Nail Envy
The base color of your choice - I used OPI Cajun Shrimp
A glitter outline color - I used China Glaze I Herd That
A top coat - Seche Vite
A small piece of paper
Acetone (nail polish remover works fine, but acetone works faster and cleaner in my opinion)
A pair of scissors, tweezers and brushes!

So let's get started!

1. Start off with a clean nail and apply your base coat. I'm using my thumb because it's big and clearer for you guys to see the steps! You can totally do this on all your other fingernails!

2. Fold the small piece of paper into half and cut out a heart shape like so. Make sure the heart is a decent size for your nail bed!

3. Okay, tricky part number one. I have to add that this method may not be the best method but it worked really well for me on the second try (which is this tutorial making). So, to make the paper stick on your nail (TEMPORARILY), apply a thin coat of base coat or top coat on one side of the heart and stick it onto your nail. I understand that Seche Vite is harmful and dangerous so I used Nail Envy to stick it on. Make sure the paper heart is pressed down and closed on all edges.

4. Once you're ready, paint your nail your base color. I painted two coats.

5. Okay, tricky part number two. I suggest waiting and counting to about 10 before removing the paper heart. Use the tweezers and daringly just pinch the top of the heart and pull it own swiftly. You'll notice that the heart isn't really clean and neat. Which is why the next step is important!

6. Using one of the brush (I recommend brush because it's more precise than q-tips and you don't wanna get any fluff into your still-wet nail), dip it into acetone and gently clean up the inside of the cut-out heart. You have to, I repeat, have to clean the inside properly to make it look polished and refined.

7+8. Hang in there, we're almost done! Take your glitter outline color and using another brush (you can use the same brush if you like), outline your cut-out heart like so.

And there you have it! Your very own cut-out heart! If you don't like the whole paper-cutting step, you  can skip that and just use your brush dipped into acetone and remove polish on your nail to create a heart (makes sense?). But I'm not that pro and I don't trust my erratic hand so I'd prefer to use a paper heart as a stencil. Besides, it's faster this way!

I hope you find this tutorial helpful! Let me know if you have any more questions! And if you do recreate it, be sure to tag me @followthatway on instagram so I can go like and comment and send lots of love your way! ;)

thank you for reading! Love,


Deborah said...

Love it!

Pancy said...

It's amazing! Do you do the same for your right hand as well? :)

Annabel Lee. said...

Thank you Deborah! :)

Annabel Lee. said...

Hi Pancy! Thank you so much! Haha no I was running out of time to do my right hand so I just painted them in one red color!

Joanna ♡ said...

Hi Annabel, I really like ur nailart pics on Instagram! This cut out heart is super cute! May I ask where u bought ur acetone and nailart brushes from in SG? Thanks :)

Annabel Lee. said...

Hi Joanna! Thank you! I get them from PNC at Chinatown! :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful nail art design! But want to know do u have a tutorial on making the rose

Annabel Lee. said...

I will do one soon! :)

andrea said...

Hello! thank you so much for making this tutorial!! ((: I have noticed that you mention that seche vite is not safe to use. Why is this so?

Annabel said...

Hi Andrea! No problem! Ah yes Seche Vite contains certain chemicals which are harmful to the body if inhaled over a long period of time. I've received information that it's best to use it in a well-ventilated area and try not to let it touch your skin! :)