Monday, February 18, 2013

Mrs P's Nails Potions : Can't Colour Enough

Hello dolls! How was your Valentine's Day? I hope you've had a great time with your loved ones! So on Valentine's Day, my order from Mrs P aka Bree Penfold of Mrs P's Nails Potions finally came! After 2-3 months of waiting for the shipment from Canada to arrive, it finally, FINALLY, reached me. *inserts laughing face* I ordered a Spectraflair 14 and "Can't Colour Enough" from her.
I'll not review the Spectraflair in this post because I have a Spectraflair grade 35 from Gloss'n'Sparkle and I'm thinking of comparing them both in a later post! 

"Can't Color Enough" is part of the "I HEART NY" Collection. It's a blend of a pink jelly base and a gabillion hexes, circles, squares and bar glitter AND a subtle silver micro glitter shimmer. I love the fun it brings out. Application was so easy and I was surprised to see how glitter-packed it is when I applied one coat of it! This is 2 coats over OPI's "Pink Friday".

Here's a macro shot for you guys!
Check out the macro glitter!

This polish is retailing for $8 CAD and I believe she has a lot more polishes (didn't get much because I was testing the waters for international shipping). If you're interested in getting this polish or just wanna check out more indie sellers, do visit Bree's Etsy store here.

That's all for today! I shall now prepare for school and finish up all my essays :( Pains of being a student! Until next time!

thank you for reading! Love,


Bree Penfold said...

Your pics are fab girl! Especially that macro shot. Hope you don't mind if i use them in my listing in my shop. Thanx for the review girl and i hope you thoroughly enjoy this polish. It looks great on you!!!

Annabel said...

Hey Bree! Of course I wouldn't mind! I am loving that macro shot too! :) I'm glad I did this polish justice!

Kay Woo said...

International shipping can be so annoying sometimes. I always add nail polishes to my cart and decided not to even buy any because of the shipping costs!

Annabel said...

you're not alone :(
Shipping is the sole deterrent for me :(