Monday, March 18, 2013

Different Dimension: Set It Free collection

Hey again! I've been catching up on some of my swatches (I think) and I managed to clear a few of them (phew!). So, today I'll be sharing with you Different Dimension's Set It Free collection! This is Missi's latest indie polish collection. You can browse her e-store by clicking here. Alright onto the swatches!

Black Delilah is a black jelly filled with micro glitters and holo goodness. This is 2 thin coats of Black Delilah on its own. Application was stunning! I had no problems whatsoever. I think it'll look stunning over any black base. It gives off a very galaxy nails feel without all the effort!

Up next we have Stronger. Okay somehow these polishes names are reminding me of songs' names. This, particularly, reminds me of Kanye (LOL!) I love how dense and holo this is! It's definitely not a linear holo, but more of a scattered...but really dense? This took me 3-4 thin coats because I got really daring and decided to see where the intensity will take me. Application is great as usual, and I was happily bending my fingers because seriously, there is something electrifying about this. I could literally see bolts of light shimmerish blue flashing across my nails! It's quite fun to see them do that! Maybe I should do a gif on it!

And lastly we have Wide Awake. Pardon the weird bottle pose (I was experimenting as these were mini bottles, they're quite hard to pose with imo!) The formula and effect is similar to Stronger. This one gave off a purple-pinkish electrifying bolt when I started playing with my fingers again! 3-4 coats and I just love how intense it is but not super over-powering at the same time.

Overall I love this whole collection. I love how Black Delilah can be the most effortless galaxy nails ever done and how Wide Awake and Stronger are so electrifying and crazy amazing. The formula for all three polishes are flawless.

You can now purchase Different Dimension from her etsy store here. They are all 3-free and affordable! Do follow their instagram page here for updates as well!

Note: Polishes were sent to me for review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

thank you for reading! Love,

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Ivy said...

Were these hard difficult to remove? I bought these, but have yet to try them.