Sunday, March 17, 2013

Femme Fatale Cosmetics: Gilded Rose

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I updated this space. Pardon me because I'm really busy with school and I've been trying to post regularly on instagram too. Today, I have Femme Fatale Cosmetics's "Gilded Rose" from the Valentine Trio to share with you guys!

Gilded Rose is a clear base with rose pink and gold colored glitters of many shapes and sizes. Plus, there's the occurence of gold stars that really reflects light beautifully. Application was amazingly smooth. This is 1 coat over OPI's "Tickle My France-y".

Check out that macro shot of the star, and that hexagonal speck of rose-gold!
If you're into rose-gold colors, and you like to do glitter gradient nails, you should definitely consider getting this.

To me, I am really impressed by how the rose-gold color is perfectly captured in the glitter itself. It kinda reminds me of rose-gold jewellry and there's this vintage-y ethereal feel about it. Reminds me of A.S Byatt's "Possession" which I, finally, finished reading for my literature assignment!

You can now purchase this from for SGD18. Do follow their Instagram page @beautysofly and like their Facebook page here for regular updates!

Note: Polish sent to me for review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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rach2net said...

Hey annabel!! Love this review! Am thinking of getting the polish after reading. Was just wondering, how do you always get such great shots of your nails?? And any advice on cuticle care? Much thanks! :)

Annabel said...

Hello love! I'm terribly sorry for taking so long to reply this! I have been neglecting this blog for a while but now Im back yay! I use my iphone 5 for all my nail shots :) I'll be doing a nail care routine post soon! :)