Saturday, March 23, 2013

Rainbow Honey: The Robots Collection

Schoolwork is driving me nuts!! Which is why I've decided to type this review because nail polishes makes me happy, even if it doesn't solve my problems. I'm here to share with you Rainbow Honey's latest collection called The Robots Collection which features 5 different metallic/chrome shades with a glitter topper.

To be honest, I've never really been a fan of metallic and chrome nails because they usually look to overpowering on me or the color gets lost in all that metallica, if you know what I mean. So, let's take a look at how this collection plays out for me ;) Do note that all photos taken in this review are non-flash and my hands were held close to the sun because I wanted to show the true shine of these amazing concoctions. :)

Bitty Love Bot is a blue/aqua metallic that kinda reminds me of the sky and water. Surprisingly, this is one of my favourites among the whole collection. Application was wonderful. I used 2 thin coats for this without top coat. I think its shiny enough on its own.

Dusty Bot is a pale purple/lavender metallic. There's a slight hint of purple peeking through the sea of silver so when I looked at it, I see purple sometimes and silver sometimes. I'm okay with this color. Application was good, 2 thin coats without top coat.

Femme Bot is a pink/peony metallic and I honestly love this color. It's so vibrant and popz and I love how the pink doesn't make my hand look dirty (some pinks do that to me, unfortunately). This is 2 coats of flawless formula without top coat.

Lucky Bot is a light green/agave metallic. When I applied this I immediately went "WOW". It's definitely something I'm pleasantly surprised with because I love greens and this metallic just looks so easy to wear. I can definitely see myself wearing this often. This is 2 coats of flawless formula without top coat.

I saved the best for the (second) last! This is Skyward Bot and its a mixture of sea foam green and teal + cerulean metallic and I adore this so much. It kinda reminds me of OPI's " Mermaids Tears" in metallic form (in my opinion!) I love how the metallicness doesn't overpower the green/teal and at the same time, how the green/teal complements the metallic. Application was, as usual, amazing and this is 2 coats without top coat.

Glitter time!! I layered one coat of Yoshimi (love the name! Reminds me of sashimi, and I'm hungry right now. Oh no...) over all 5 colors and this was what I got in the end! Yoshimi is a glitter topper which consists of black and white square glitters with tons of micro shiny glitter. I love how this glitter just makes all the colors pop. It's like they're meant to be together! Application was perfect. No fishing required! I only required one coat on each nail for even coverage! You can definitely build it if you prefer so!

From left to right, Yoshimi over: Bitty Love Bot, Skyward Bot, Lucky Bot, Femme Bot and Dusty Bot.

What are your picks from this beautiful edgy collection? Mine will definitely have to be Bitty Love Bot, Lucky Bot, Skyward Bot and Yoshimi. I just love how the greens and teals make metallics look so unique!

According to Rainbow Honey, "The Robot Collection will be available on from 3/23 until
3/26 as a full 15ml collection and as a mini collection featuring our
new 4ml bottles. The collection will be released on
and participating Retail Partners around the globe on 4/5/2013."

I believe you will be able to get these pretty shades from Shoppe Eclecticco soon. International shipping is provided!! Follow their Instagram feed here, like their Facebook page here, and Twitter here as well for regular updates and availability!

Okay that's all for now folks! I've been so busy with schoolwork (and I still am) and I have 4 essays due by the first two weeks of April. I really wanna start doing nail art again T_T Okay see you guys soon! Thanks for reading!

Note: Polishes were sent to me for review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

thank you for reading! Love,


Miskate said...

Aaah, so pretty! I bet the name Yoshimi is a reference to the Flaming Lips album and song "Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots." Great song, and great choice for a polish to go with a Robot collection!

Annabel said...

Haha I have no idea what Yoshimi means but it sounds so yummy to me! But I love how it complements the other polishes! :)

Ivy said...

The colors look superb, however, I know these won't look good on me. I know, I've tried other metallic polishes before. :( These are their new minis right?

Annabel said...

Hey Ivy! Hahaha they now come in full sized bottles! Hmm do give one or two of them a try! They're not super overpowering metallics! Maybe they'll fit you! :)