Monday, April 8, 2013

Different Dimension Swatch Spam!

Hello lovelies! I'm really sorry for not updating this space! So tonight, I shall! Tonight, I'm down with a slight fever and a sore throat but nonetheless, I think I should really get down and start doing this. A few (actually...many) weeks ago, Missi from Different Dimension sent me a bunch of polishes to review and swatch. Now I'm proud to say I'm officially hooked onto Different Dimension AND, here is the super long overdued post (that I rightfully owe her) and to anyone else who's interested! These swatches were done in one random night with different poses (because I was bored like that) and they're from different collections of hers! So let's get started! :)

Boo You Whore! is a crazy glitter bomb with tons of glitter specks. It comes in a sheer blue tinted base and micro glitters. This is one coat over OPI's "Russian Navy". I love this polish! Application was so smooth and the glitters spread out really easy! It gives off this depth and you'll instantly fall in love with it. Plus, the nomenclature is just too hilarious :')

Ditz is from the 80's Baby collection, I believe! This is a pink micro-glitter-holo-scattered whatever! HAHAHA! It's just too pretty and eye-catching. Seriously when I applied this, I just went "WOWZERS" The formula is exceptional and I love the color payoff. This was just 2 thin coats. You can build up on the coats for more opacity!

Now this one is interesting. This is just one thin coat of Dark Matter over Essence's Ultimate Pink. And this one is really unique. I've never seen a glitter with any black specks in pink tinted base before. There's also a ton of huge hexagonal pieces and this kinda reminds me of Barbie with an edge! Formula is perfect once again!

I've posted this swatch on Instagram a few days back and it garnered over 1,000 likes! This is Doppelganger over Misa's Deep Breath and I love this so hard I can cry now. I love how its grey, and has a bit of pink in it. One of my friends actually don't like the color combination of grey and pink and I think she's mad to say that hahaha! It's seriously one of the prettiest combination ever. I highly recommend this shade if you're working and you can't wear too crazy shades. This will look amazing over greys because of its tinted grey jelly base. Formula is wonderful as usual.

Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler (wow what a mouthful!), LLBTR for short (I just made that up) is a purple and green and silver micro glitter bomb. I layered this over OPI's Russian Navy for the deep space look and it worked! Flawless formula and it's simply a galaxy nail without all the work! ;)

Are you ready for this one? This is Mystic Falls from the Vampire Diaries collection! I was so excited to try this! This is three thin coats on its own and let me tell you, I'm still blown away by it. I love the duochrome effect it gives. It shifts between purple and slight green/golden (?) Anyhoo, exceptional formula and you can build this up for more opacity!

Orbital is such a doll, seriously. It contains pastellish pink, teal, blue, slight purple hexagonal glitters and micro glitters. I also posted this on Instagram a few weeks ago. I totally dig this. This was one coat over OPI's Russian Navy AGAIN. Yes, Russian navy is such a versatile polish, you can layer tons of indie polish glitter bombs over it and achieve a different look all the time! I love this honestly. Crazy smooth application. Enough said. Go get it. NOW.

This is three thin coats of PENNY!!! with three exclamation points hahaha! I have a feeling this was Big Bang Theory inspired but I'm not too sure! Anyhoo, I had a hard time trying to pair this with a colored base at first. And then I was like "Heck it. I'm gonna use it on its own" and VOILA, such a pretty coppery-brown color! At this point of time, if you're still reading, you would have guessed the formula for this. FLAWLESS, as usual. Haha!

Okay I honestly gotta rave about this. This is Warm Fuzzies, three thin coats on its own, and I totally did not expect this outcome at all! It's freaking amazing! The formula and payoff kinda reminded me of Ditz and girls (guys even), you need to get this one. It's perfect for autumn and winter if you need a warm tone holo scattered polish, and for a palate cleanser all year round. It's so classy and smooth, you'll seriously regret if you don't get this.

Last but not least, we have That Is So Fetch! and I did this over OPI's Do You Lilac It?. It's a fun clear base with purple glitters and specks everywhere! I feel like I haven't done enough justice to this polish so I'll definitely be experimenting more with this.

Wow that was a lot of swatches! I love so many of these beauties! My favourites are definitely Boo You Whore!, Doppelganger, Orbital and Warm Fuzzies!

You can now purchase Different Dimension from her etsy store here. They are all 3-free and affordable! Do follow their instagram page here for updates as well!

Note: Polishes were sent to me for review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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