Monday, April 8, 2013

F4 Polish Swatch Spam!

Provided by BSF

Woohoo do you love swatch spams? I sure do! Tonight I have another indie polish to tell you about! F4 Polish is created by three sisters Jenn, Lacey and Lexy! Beauty So Fly is the only stockist in Singapore carrying these beauties! International girls, if you're reading this, and if you're interested to get any of these beauties by the end of the post, do head down to Beauty So Fly to get your hands on some because WORLDWIDE SHIPPING IS AVAILABLE NOW WOOHOO! Okay, onto the swatches!

Blue Jean Night is a glow in the dark (YES IT IS) polish with baby blue tiny shredded specks. I layered 2 thin coats of this over OPI's My Boyfriend Scales Walls and it really looks like a robin's egg! The formula was exceptional and so smooth! This will definitely look great over a baby blue or cornflower blue and it'll really look like a robin's egg.

LOOK AT THAT BEAUTY GLOW :O I had to get my mum to help me switch off the table lamp so I could take this photo hahaha!

Fool's Gold is a black jelly base with tons and tons AND TONS of micro glitter, holographic glitter pieces of various sizes. I layered one coat of this over a black base and let me tell you, this one is to lem for. This shade is exclusive in Beauty So Fly so get it while you can! I feel so space-punk-metal-futuristic after I slapped this on! And that piece of gold star that slipped right out on my pinky was just too cute! Love this and the formula is so smooth and wonderful. This was just one coat, ONE COAT, without fishing!

And up next we have Fruity Pebbles Sprinkles which has small purple and red opaque glitters, shreds of blue, green and red AND tiny bar-like pieces! This was two coats over a white base and I love this shade! It's so smooth and flawless, and it makes you wanna eat fruit loops right now hahaha! I love how milky the base is and it honestly looks like cereal in a bowl of milk! Yum!

This beauty is called Glitz Cloud and its another one of the milky base glitters. I am starting to believe that F4 Polish has some of the best milky based glitter polishes in the world! I love how deep this polish can look! Smooth application and you can achieve this look is just two thin coats over a white base!

And honestly, does this not look like a Pikachu shade to you? hahaha this is Lemony Cupcake over OPI's The "IT" Colour and its such a fun polish to wear! I'm not a big fan of yellow shades because they make me look weirded out but I literally cracked up when I had this polish on me because it totally fit the theme of Easter and! It really looks like the color of Pikachu has been blended into your nails!

And next we have Melt Me over a white base. This is another milky based polish and it's one of my favourites out of the lot! I love the purple and pink and TEAL, YES, TEAL glitters. Just look at the index finger's glitter distribution. The teal glitters are like, sooooooo gorgeous I wanna cry. Formula was exceptional and I love how there's so many colors in this, but at the same time, it isn't too overpowering! 

Pinkadoodle is kinda similar to Lemony Cupcake, in the sense that they almost have the same type of glitter in them, except for this, the pink is like a milkshake base. This was two coats over OPI's Pink Friday and it's gorgeous!

And now... for the shade that totally blew my mind away, THIS IS PINK PENGUIN over OPI's Pink Friday and I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SHADE ZOMG. Honestly, I didn't expect much from this shade initially when I looked at it from the bottle. But, as we all know, looks can be soooo deceiving and boy, was I proven wrong! This glitter is CRAZY. It's like salt and pepper, with pink pieces, and I don't know how to tell you how much I love this except to tell you I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. Application was crazy smooth and formula is just sheer perfection. I highly recommend this shade!

Are you tired of pinks yet? I hope not, because you just can't with this next shade called Strawberry Smoothie! This was done with one coat over OPI's Pink Friday! I love how this literally spiced up the pink base. It's really so smoothie-like, and the application and formula was so smoooooth, and the touch after it dried was so smooth too HAHAHA! Get this, no questions.

Now now, this is one of my favourite polish of the whole lot. This is Storm Cloud over a white base. See what I mean when I say their milky based glitters are the bomb?! I love shredded glitter, I don't know why and I especially love it when the colour combination is PERFECT. Teal and purple and grey = LOVE. I can't get enough of their teal glitters and shreds!!!! This one is smooth. A teeny weeny bit tricky to apply because the shreds makes the polish slightly tricky, but just dab slowly and top coat away and it'll look flawless!

Okay last milky based polish I promise! This is Sweet Dreams over a white base and holy moly...I am speechless. There's teal star pieces. TEAL. I can sleep happy now. I love the pastel star pieces and tiny square pastel pieces as well! Formula is the trickiest amongst all the polishes so far! I guess it's got to do with the size of the stars because surprisingly, NO FISHING REQUIRED for me at all! But, just dab slowly and top coat it away!

And we're down to the last swatch for this spam! This is Tomboy over OPI's Can't Find My Czechbook and I love this! It's under the same family as Pinkadoodle and Lemony Cupcake! And this glows too but I didn't capture the glow for this :( Anyhoo, I love how the base is somewhat like a robin's egg (again) and a blueberry milkshake/smoothie hahaha! Application was flawless in just one coat over the blue!

And we're done! Phew that was a lot! But I hope your eyes enjoyed feasting!
My personal favourites from this whole lot will be Fool's Gold, Pink Penguin, Storm Cloud and Melt Me! What are yours?

These polishes are retailing at SGD 12 each at Beauty So Fly. Head down to Beauty So Fly and follow their Instagram page here and their Facebook page here for more updates and new indie polishes! They're definitely bringing in more awesome polishes so stay tuned! International shipping available too!

Note: Polishes are sent to me for review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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