Monday, September 30, 2013

'Money Tree' Nail Art Tutorial // Essence "Vintage District" collection

Press Samples 

#4: Money Tree - Last but not least, I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS! This was a totally random mix because my brain was just so clogged up with schoolwork and I wanted to see where my cluttered brain would take me to. It really reminds me of a money tree, you know, gold (and pink) coins raining down from a tree? Yeah? Haha! This looks spectacular from afar and when I looked closely, I just went into a daze because of all the holographic-ness. You can use either the orange polish or pink polish as bases for this look. I mattified the mani...because I wanted to (and it looked really really 3D!) Learn how to create this crazy look in just 5-6 steps!

What you'll require:

All polishes are retailing at SGD3.90 each. and the nail art decoration kits are priced at SGD4.90 each.
Essence's "Vintage District" collection is available at selected Watsons stores now until the end of October 2013. I think they also have a gel top coat and some cosmetics in the collection too so be sure to check it out. For more information on this brand, head to their Facebook. :)

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