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Doctor Lacquer Hormonal Efficiency 2013 Collection Swatches + Review

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Hiya friends! I hope you guys are doing great! It's been a crazy few weeks for me over here. There are just too many deadlines to meet (even including swatching of nail polishes!) Today I'll be sharing with you one of the most creative indie nail polish concept I've ever come across! Introducing to you, the Doctor Lacquer's Hormonal Efficiency collection!

+ one more which I simply couldn't capture because of many (I mean many) reasons
First up, we have Testosterone which is a gorgeous blue with a hint of teal jelly filled with yellow flower glitters, bright yellow hexagonal glitters, pastel purple bits and silver dot glitters. It transits from baby blue when in warm/room temperature to a dark purple when cold. This was two to three thin coats on its own with top coat. Formula is wonderful for this. Needless to say, I think the color fits the name rather aptly ;)

Next we have Dopamine, a sky blue jelly that transits from sky blue when warm/room temperature to a dark purple when cold. This one is an absolute stunner. It contains the small yellow hexagonal glitters and random bits, and the best part, it has purple dot circle glitters! I love that stuff! This polish reminds me (quite slightly) of Emily De Molly's "Cosmic Forces" when it shifts to a purple, except with the additional yellow glitters. The formula is as usual, wonderful. This was two to three thin coats on its own without top coat.

Now we come to my favourite out of the lot, Estrogen. It's a dusty rose pink jelly with tiny tiny tiny green sparkles in it, and green hexagonal glitters, silver holographic dot circles, plus varying sizes of pink dot circle glitters too! And the shift, oh my goodness, the shift. I can't tell you how much shock I was in when I dipped my fingers into cold water. Literally, that pink (when warm/room temperature) to purple (when cold) transition is everything I could have ever asked for whenever I try to do a pink-purple gradient. It is EXACTLY the color, shade, gradient I want it to be. The formula was just exceptional. I wish I had this in the original size, it'll be one of my staple colors! This was two to three thin coats on its own with top coat.

Adrenaline is a beautiful yellow jelly with purple and pink glitters, and red tiny square glitters all swimming around. It was really difficult for me to capture the transition for this shade. No matter how fast I worked, I could only capture a slight hint of it. It shifts from a bright yellow when warm/room temperature to a bright orange when cold. Personally, I don't see myself wearing this often because yellow doesn't look very flattering on my skin (I think I'm yellow most of the times hahaha!) but it is absolutely wonderful to apply this. It went on like a dream. This was two to three thin coats on its own without top coat.

One of the more surprising shades for me was Serotonin, a flattering lime green shade (it reminds me of mojito somehow hahaha!) filled with purple and blue circle glitters and of course the amazing huge green dot circle glitters. When it shifts to a dark green shade when cold, I instantly got reminded of OPI's "Jade is the New Black". The photo doesn't show this color because again, the weather here is such a tyrant that the color shifted so quickly :( I think this is one of the more flattering greens out there, and it's wonderful for the upcoming festive season! The formula is great for this. This was two to three thin coats on its own with top coat.

Last but not least, we have Oxytocin. I love the glitter combination for this. It's filled with orange, fuchsia glitters and heart shaped glitters too! It was slightly difficult to fish out for the heart shaped glitters for this. It shifts from a slightly translucent base when warm/room temperature to a pink when cold. Again, I couldn't capture the shift that fast. This one would look super great on gradient nails! I used three thin coats for this on its own with top coat. 

The Doctor Lacquer Hormonal Efficiency collection is selling at USD50.94 for the whole set, and USD 8.99 individually. All polishes are 3-free and they are all packaged in the 16.5ml bottles. International shipping is available as well! Finally, I gotta thank the lovely Angelyn for providing me with these lovely creations of hers to swatch and review. For more information (and if you've already decided that you're gonna get these lovelies), head down to Doctor Lacquer's Storeenvy, Instagram and Facebook.

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