Monday, January 6, 2014

Zoya Dream Swatch Pictures and Review

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Oh hello there! I hope the first few days of 2014 have been going pretty spectacular or smooth for you! I haven't really been in the mood for nail art (probably because I've been ill over the past one week, plus I did a major spring clean for my bedroom). Nonetheless, that doesn't mean my nails are being neglected ;) Grace of BeautySoFly recently gifted me with a bottle of Zoya's "Dream" from the Zenith Winter-Holiday 2013 collection and boy, oh boy, I'm telling you, it is truly a dream come true. This blog post will be nothing but pictorial evidence as to why it is such a must-have shade... I'm not even kidding when I title this post as Swatch Spam. 

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Dream. 2 thin coats. A blue jelly that reaches opacity within 2 or more coats. It is filled with the most glorious scattered holographic glitters finely milled and oh so sparkly. The shade on nails translates very well to that of the bottle - what you see is what you get. Also, Dream, an apt name, don't you think? It looks absolutely ethereal and dreamy, even my 5-year-old cousin was saying how shiny my nails were. It does give that stained-glass effect if you stare at it long enough. I topped it off with topcoat just to give it an extra glisten and shine...truly magnificent (and eye-blinding... in a good way). 

Yes... if you can already tell, I was having way too much fun switching up my poses and snapping away. I had great joy taking pictures of my nails for this shade. Truly, I do.

Oh, I also chopped and filed my nails slightly straighter recently. New year, new nail shape...or straighter nail shape. Tip: Use a straight cut nail clipper. Saves you a ton of trouble from filing the edges to be straight (if that's the look you're gunning for). 

And ending off with a pose that I've been practising nearing the end of last year. 

Verdict? This is definitely a must-have/must-own/must-own-multiple-bottles-of-it shade in every nail polish user's arsenal of polishes. I don't own any similar shades to this and I'm really happy that now I do! Zoya polishes are known to be 5-free and long lasting with great formula. I hope you had a great time feasting your eyes on this wondrous deeply effortlessly sophisticated dreamy blue shade! May 2014 be a year of wonderful opportunities and having your dreams come true!

You can purchase Zoya's "Dream" in full-sized 15ml from BeautySoFly at SGD12. 

Till then, guys! Thanks for reading!

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